Saturday, May 31, 2008

Free Wi-Fi and the Farmer's Market

I've been having trouble with the public wi-fi connection at the apartment and figured I'd better blog before it gave out again. I must be addicted to the blogging already.
Who do I complain to when the free wi-fi is broken? Will they do anything? It's not like we're paying customers.

This morning I walked over to the farmer's market in the city where I have the apartment. It was better than the only other time I'd been to it. The previous time it was crowded and loud. This time, there was almost no one there. Unfortunately, there also wasn't much to choose from. I think there was more bread than veg! Good bread, but I was hoping for veg. Still, managed to find some onions, rhubarb, bok choy, and spinach. I've eaten some of everything except the spinach.

I'm thinking of making rhubarb scones tomorrow morning. Mmmmm....scones. After the scone fiascos of late (too wet, having frosting, and too sweet), I'm thinking I just want my own freaking scones. The older I get, the more I cook for myself because I know what I like and how I like it. Is that a form of "high maintenance"?
Do I care?

I found a lovely scone recipe at vegweb, which looks flexible enough to use any fruit and nut combination I have lying about. What sort of coffee goes with a rhubarb walnut scone?
Can you put mango in a scone? (and by "mango" I mean the fruit, not the character from SNL)

Wow, I talk about myself a lot. Why do you people read this?

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