Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holy Mole

OK, this has been too many posts in a row about food. But with the recent removal of my gall bladder, food is no longer a threat. I hadn't been able to eat fatty food, or any delicious food really, for years. So the past few weeks have been an adventure finding out what I can eat.

I met a friend for lunch today and had enchiladas mole with rice and olla beans. OMG! It was delicious. I meant to be good and eat half and bring the rest home. But, alas, I sucked it all down along with a basket of chips and some salsa. Wow. I'm going to be a blimp soon. But a happy blimp.

Lunch was with my friend Nancy who's been off doing research for most of a year so we had lots to catch up on. She is perhaps the world's best storyteller. Nancy is one of the few people I enjoy listening to when she's gossiping about people I've never met. The stories are simply fabulous. And for the most part, they are true. Or as Amy Sedaris says of her brother's work, "True enough."

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