Monday, May 12, 2008

Sometimes I love my job...and a no 'poo update

Yes, many times I hate my job, like this Wednesday will probably suck giant wangers.
But today, it rocked.
I spent the day on a power boat being driven from site to site around one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. I'm not kidding. We were stopping and viewing sites related to my job. There were 14 of us in 2 boats and everyone played nice. The people who live around this lake could easily buy and sell me and sometimes are not nice to people stopping here and there and doing their jobs. But today, they were nice (well, the ones who were home. One was just back from his other home in KONA!!!).

The weather started out iffy, but got fabulous. I have a sunburned topped with a windburn and some chapped lips. My hair part looks like I've put vermillion on it. Alas, just a sunburn.

One island we stopped at is for sale so I called some relatives who have more money than me to see if they want to buy it. They are going to look into it. This was an entirely selfish move since clearly they will need someone to watch it when they aren't there. Cool.

As for the no 'poo hair. I must say, it was easy to comb/brush when I got off the boat after having it wind whipped and dragged through shrubbery all day (I have a weird job that sometimes involves crawling through shrubbery). Usually, I would have had to get in the shower with a big bottle of conditioner and a big comb and spent part of the evening coming out the dreds. This time, I could run my fingers through. And I found my old brush in the glove box of the car so I could brush it. My scalp is a bit flaky but I'm hoping that will improve. Also, my hair is very fluffy rather than being stuck to my scalp and leaving me looking like a peeled grape.

To deal with my face (which was radiating heat after the boat ride) I stopped at an organic store to try to find aloe vera. I couldn't but I did find shea butter. I've read that I can use that on my hair too (just the ends) if it gets too dry. So I figured I'd give it a try. I greased my face like I was going to swim the channel and it did feel better.

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