Monday, May 26, 2008

More things I love...

OK, this is going to get old, but I read once that we have bunches of crap we don't appreciate and thus it is not worth it. I've started trying to make sure I do like the crap I have.
So here are a few more things I have that I love:

From Angela, Jonny, and Diana: the David Sedaris recordings. I'm listening to them now. I listen more than once a week to at least some of them.

From Bree: the mosaic he made me during a craptacular christmas craft exchange. (it's the opposite of's actually good-tacular)

From Pam: the scarf, the Juno DVD, the washcloth, and much much more

From Sher: the set of silverware she got me when she visited me in grad school. It came from Coldwater Creek in Sandpoint during our road trip. Later, I bought a second set at Target or Kmart because I really like it and want to make sure I have enough to last a lifetime. I do. (it's actually stainless steel, not silver). I've never met anyone else who has the same set.

From Jake: once I was feeling bad that I hadn't thought of something my therapist told me to do. Jake said "well, he IS a professional." I try to remember that when I'm beating myself up over not being perfect or not knowing something. I'm not supposed to know everything (yet).

From Diana: furniture and art for the temporary apartment! she set us up with lamps, a comfy living room chair, side table, folding table, dining/office chair for Jake, and some framed artwork. It really made the place instantly livable and homey rather than feeling like an emergency situation.

From Lynn: all the effort for the tribe and to stay connected after I left ISU in unpleasant circumstances. She also sends way grovy presents.

From Maia: hand knit washclothes and bathmit! What could be more fun than a custom made hand knit bathmit? Perhaps the matching afghan and slippers??? All very very cool.

From Kathy and Phil (you don't know them): The little leatherman with flashlight

From Stan: floor lamp that I've used for years now. And didn't he get me the mixer which I use all the time?

From Sher, Marcie, Chris and Gram: lovely silver jewelry

From Laurie: The handcrafted pillow representing Iowa with matching piggy eye-pack cozy with hot/cold gel insert.

From Gram: bunches of kitchenware, but especially the 9X13 pans with sturdy slide-on lids.

From Sher: hand made pottery colander and bowl for fruit (I accidentally typed "bowel" which would also be cool).

From Gramp: hand tools that I use all the time.

From Gram: cool baskets handmade at a museum in Wisconsin

Ok, that's enough for today. The point is that much of my crap, I like and appreciate and use. It isn't all clutter ruining my life!
However, some of it is clutter ruining my life. For a while, I kept a goodwill box going and put crap in it as I noticed it. I need to do that again. Then when I take the recycling, I would also take that box and drop it off. This is both decluttering, and a tax deduction so win-win.

The No'Poo update...I got up late and stuffed my hair into a ponytail without even brushing it so it's probably pretty bad. I'll have to brush it tonight. But, it is not a dreadlock so that's nice.

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Fly Right said...

You just KNOW I was reading and wondering if my artistic pillow/eyemask creations would make the cut. Thanks for saying that they did.