Tuesday, June 9, 2015


It's killing me.  Actually, it's killing all of us.  Slowly.

I stopped by a jobsite for work yesterday to find the project super in a trailer with the AC set on "pre-1900 Antarctica" and his pickup idling outside.  WTF???  PICK ONE.

Also seen idling...EVERYONE. 

Friends and I met in Portland, OR and made a visit to Multnomah Falls.  I lost count on how many people were sitting in cars in the parking lot with the engines idling while they texted and chatted.  Not only were they wasting petrol, they were also blocking parking spots much needed by the folks crawling slowly by for 2-3 miles hoping for a parking spot.  They could have at least driven somewhere not crowded to idle and text.

Then last evening I walk to the laundromat to find 1 vehicles IDLING in the lot.  The laundromat was not crowded. 100% of the people using it at that time who were not me, had a vehicle idling in the lot.  One guy was in his car with the AC on using an electronic device.  The laundromat is air conditioned.  The other car had a baby in a seat and a toddler in there in the back seat.  Idling, lights on.  Parents INSIDE the laundromat in an area with no view of the parking lot.  So, wasting gas and endangering children!  Win Win!

Seriously people.  It's OK to get out of your car.  Even when it's hot out.  Also OK to shut it off.