Friday, May 9, 2008

Pangea Day on SATURDAY May 10. Be there or be square

SATURDAY May 10, 2008 is Pangea Day.
Check it out at

It all started with a TED conference award. Find out more about TED at

While I find the whole TED thing a bit elitist, I must admit that the elites are the ones with the money to make Pangea Day happen.

Film maker Jehane Noujaim won a 2006 TED Prize which fulfills a "wish." Her wish was to bring the world together through film. I love film so I'm all for this. On Pangea Day, films will be shown throughout the world at the same time. Check the website above for your local time. These will be streamed online, shown at venues, broadcast on various networks, and even shown in private homes. This will give people all over the world a shared experience of 4 hours. The films come from around the world as well. Shorts so there is time for more and it is cheaper/easier to make. One I read about was shot with a cell phone.

I adore film as an artform, as a mode of information sharing, entertainment, and anything else a film might do. The irony is that I'm probably not going to be able to watch! CRAP! I've tried to find out about a local event to no avail. I'm going to try to stream it online but my computer is not the newest and my wifi is sometimes tentative.

I'm hoping the films will be available online for a while so those of us who can't see them the same day can at least see some later. Perhaps a DVD about the event and with the film will come out. I can hope.

I hope at least one of my two readers will be able to join in on part of this amazing event.

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Pamela said...

I plan to 'attend' in a manner. I will most likely be watching from my PC at home. I've read a bit about this (maybe in The Nation??). I've been looking forward to it.