Friday, May 16, 2008

My Most Crap Purchases

I have to blog quickly today because it is HOT and the computer is shutting off randomly.

To follow the good items, time for a few of the bad. It's actually tougher because I don't use the stuff I don't like so I don't even remember it's there.

--SUV that doesn't run well. This was clearly a midlife crisis purchase and now I'm too lazy to find the title and get rid of it.

--Shirt at full retail that while lovely, is WHITE, semi-sheer, and formal. I have about 3 "formal" events a year and I should never EVER wear white or semi-sheer white. With the semi-sheer, I need a good shell underneath and I don't have one. With white, I can't eat or touch anything so I never wear the shirt. Note to self: don't buy white.

--Doc Marten Boots. They are cool, but I have high arches and they hurt my feet, so I don't wear them. they were only 25$ and still not worth it for the 3 times I wore them and got compliments. I get more compliments on the 7$ leather goodwill coat I bought a decade ago and wear all winter (that should have been in the "good" list)

--Earth Boots. I count my Earth sandals as a good purchase, but the boots have WIDE cankles and I don't so the leather folds and wears holes in my ankle. Also, it's tough enough walking on ice and snow and adding a 3% uphill grade does not make it better.

--(this is really hard! I so rarely buy on impulse anymore that I can't think of much)

--most of my boyfriends! I didn't pay for them upfront, but I paid for them later.

--a hat. It's by a northwest coast native designer and cool as art, but I don't wear hats (other than the hardhat I wear at work). Also, it's a TINY bit small so leaves a red ring around my head making me even less likely to wear it.

--nope, sorry, can't think of anymore right now. This must be the heat making my brain mushy because I know I have many things I should not have bought. I just can't think of them right now.

That said, it's time to go make the most of my netflix subscription.

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