Monday, May 19, 2008

Bag Rant

OK, here is my bag rant:

That's it. Please USE WHAT YOU HAVE before you buy new crap. If you really don't have tote bags that will tolerate the load of groceries, then fine. Buy a grocery bag. But you don't need one just because it says it's a grocery bag.

It's like the people who comment negatively when I use a bread sac for a sandwich. What? It's only for bread without crap between? Who cares if it's bigger than the sandwich. Why must it be tailored? It's a sandwich. I'm eating it.

I had a sandwich today from the St. Maries (pronounced "Saint Mary's" Not "Saint Marie's") grocery store Subway. You get a ticket and take it to the checkout to pay because the Subway is embedded in the grocery store deli. I asked that we skip the plastic bag. Girl was worried about me sending a sandwich down the conveyor belt without the plastic bag, so couldn't I just throw the bag out after I pay for the sandwich. I said "how about I just hand them the ticket and I don't send the sandwich down the belt?" She was very confused but went with it after she taped the paper closed around the sandwich. Then at the check out the lady tried to put one bottle of pop and one candy bar (both organic and overpriced) in a FULL SIZE SAC!! I said "I don't need a bag. I'm going to eat it immediately." Again I got stared at. oh well. I managed to avoid having a sandwich wrapped in 2 layers of paper, a candy bar in a plastic wrapper and a bottle of pop all jammed into 2 more plastic bags. Sometimes I'm afraid that we're going to drown in plastic.

That's my bag rant.

Here's the No 'Poo update: I did my third baking soda scalp scrub tonight. My head is non-itchy and my hair is quite fluffy but I'm not sure I got all the vinegar rinsed out. I'll let you know. If anyone at work calls me "pickles" or "douche" I'll assume it's the vinegary hair.


Pamela said...

you are indeed a douche, or more specifically a douche-head. But never mind that, I have a request. Could you swith from the "no 'poo" label to possibly calling it "no sham'". In light of your recent gall badder surgery, everytime I see your head line refering to no 'poo, I fear that you've had some horrible side effect that has caused your intestines to grow shut and you are actually unable to poo.

Just a suggestion.

Jill said...

"no 'poo" is the actual name of the movement against shampoo. I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Fly Right said...

Pam read my mind--especially in the later post about the fiber-intensive breakfast bars followed by a no 'poo update. Thank God for that apostrophe--that makes it all so very clear!