Friday, May 30, 2008

Why All the Clothes?

So here's what I'm wondering about today.

Why do I have tons of clothes I don't wear?
I wear about 3 or 4 pairs of pants during winter and a different set of 3 or 4 during summer. I have a few favorite sweaters, some basic work shirts and about 8 or 9 t-shirts that I wear consistently. 3 sweatshirts got me through winter.
Leaving socks and undies and bras (oh my) out of the equation for now, why do I have all the other clothes?

I have gone through my wardrobe twice in the last few years to get rid of unwanted or unworn clothes, and yet there is still a ton of stuff I don't wear. Some, a small proportion, is from gifts but honestly those usually get worn so are not part of the clothing clutter.

Maybe it is time to simplify the wardrobe AGAIN. I'll start with stuff at the trailer since my most worn clothing is at the apartment, but even then...there are things at the apartment that have crept in over the past 6 months and taken over the closet space.

I am a clutter magnet.

No 'Poo update: The hair has lots of body today, though is on the verge of looking dirty so time to wash it. Still very easy to comb as long as it gets brushed twice a day.

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