Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pangea Day Redux

The movies are up! The movies are up!

Go to and watch the movies. So many of them are wonderful. I've been sitting here for an hour thinking "just one more and then I'll blog." They are all short films or excerpts.

The one about the guy on crutches is hyp-mo-tizing. The one about the slap is pretty funny. The one about the wild snowman is cute but they used some technical process to speed it up which is too evident and it seems forced. The one called "My Mother's Daughter" is INCREDIBLE!

OK, here is the short list of my favorites (though the list of the ones I don't like so much would be shorter...all are worth a look):
Stranger in Her Own City
Stille Post
Sili (The Slap)
Mutual Recognition
Operation Homecoming: Roadwork (WARNING: I needed a hankie) (OK, I just watched it again and I still need a hankie)
Dancing Queen
Combatants for Peace

I haven't watched all the films yet. They look fabu but I'm trying to spread it out a bit.

The one with the cupcakes looks less sad so I am waiting until I think I can handle it if it IS sad.

No 'Poo* update: My hair is still in good shape. I can now go out on a windy day without pony-tailing and come home with hair that is not in a dreadlock. This is progress.

*note new larger apostrophe for clarity

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Pamela said...

Thanks for the new apostophe. I think it will help to clarify the movement from the lack of a movement.