Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lovely Day Trip but soooo not eco...

Today the boy and I took a trip up to Republic Washington to see some of his relatives. It was a gorgeous drive through mountains and valleys. The relies showed us around some cool lakes and campgrounds. Sunny and in the 70s the whole time.

But, alas, I burned a great deal of gas and will again tomorrow to go do a radio show about peace and justice. The driving is one of my major non-eco practices. I don't know how to get away from it without giving up those things that maintain my sanity (such as it is).

I'll keep the car in good shape. I've cut back on the trips to Moscow, Idaho and I rarely drive in the evenings after work, or on a day when I'm not working or making a roadtrip for a specific purpose. I'm better than before, but not as cool as that guy in Wisconsin who gave up driving all together to protest the price of oil.

The trip today was also for the boy's mental and emotional health so I'm hoping that makes it better!

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