Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today, I didn't love my job.

Oh well. You can't love it every day. Today, I was at a meeting. It wasn't that bad. But after the meeting one attendee was supposed to go on an unpleasant site visit with me. He refused. He just didn't want to. No warning. Nothing. So I come prepared to hash out an interagency issue and nope. He doesn't feel like it because there is nothing more that can be done about this site. My thinking was that we could sort things out for FUTURE projects and sites. I guess not.
It didn't help that the meeting had run through lunch and I'd had coffee and HobNobs for breakfast leaving me with a crashing caffeine AND sugar low.

On the upside, I got to town early for the meeting so I drove down to a boat ramp on a lake and read a book. An oriole kept tapping on my window and admiring him/herself in the mirror of the car. Pretty cute.

As for the hair...hard to say. It is soft and manageable, but my scalp is peeling from yesterday's burn. Ow. The shea butter does appear to have saved my face though.

Tomorrow could be a bad day at work. very bad. very very bad.


Fly Right said...

Where do you get HobNobs??????? I've been looking all over Chicago, to no avail.

Fly Right said...

Oh, and I'm sorry about your burniness.

Jill said...

I found hobnobs at "World Market"...pricy but well worth it if you're going to have a crap day or you just want a delicious nobbly oaty biscuit