Sunday, June 1, 2008

Radio Days

Today was the radio show, Peace Radio, on KRFP Radio Free Moscow. It was pretty cool.
We had a phone interview with a woman from Coeur d'Alene who is up on the Blackwater
purchase of a local business and wanting to get into training law enforcement. As peaceniks, we're officially against what we see as (note that this is our opinion and we get to have one) a fundamentalist christian mercenary group training our peace officers.

And, Dave Peckham from the Village Bicycle Project was with us but mostly just wanted to talk about peace stuff and protest, not his bike project even though that is very cool.

We're on again in 2 weeks and I might be by myself without the support of Jill and Sally. Usually I'm more of a sidekick, not the center of the action. But, I've got quite a bit of pent up topics so will try to cover the 2 hours mostly on my own. It should be fun. If y'all have music that would go well on Peace Radio, please send a link.

As for the No 'Poo update: Did a baking soda scrub with apple cider vinegar rinse today. Didn't have time to brush it out before leaving for the show and it got quite fluffy as it dried in the car. It's very rainy so that made my hair even fluffier. it's brushed now and has more wave than it's had since I lived in Kentucky.

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