Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh crap! Writer's block!

Or is it writer's bloc? or writers' bloc? or writers' block? is that all the combinations.

I'm very very tired tonight and I just drank a giant cup of valerian tea which is valium for hippies so I'm falling asleep.

Here's hoping I get some rest.

Oh, but on the bright side, I met the downstairs neighbor's temporary dog! She is babysitting a giant newfoundland which has been clipped for summer so looks ridiculous. And, it's named "Muffin." How perfect is that. The neighbor is a TINY little woman and was noting that the dog weighed more than her so walking it was a problem. I told Muffin, who is a love sponge and was drooling on me while I petted her, that she didn't weigh more than me and she was welcome to come visit the fat people upstairs. Muffin wandered off for a pee but I know she was touched by my acceptance of her size.

I'm putting on the pounds since the gallbladder surgery. Oh well. I like candy and chocolate and grease and I can eat it now. So I'm struggling to have a reasonable diet and exercise program. I also wonder if I didn't screw up my metabolism with 2 months of barely getting 1000 calories a day. Maybe if I eat peanut butter cup after slice of cake after burger after gyro after....well, you get the picture. And it isn't pretty.

I did notice one very sad outcome of the Elkader, Iowa flood...the upscale Algerian Restaurant suffered major damage and I don't know if it will make it back into business! Of course my first question is "What the hell?" It's called Schera's and is run by a nice pair of homosexual gentleman. They are not from Elkader... but you can learn all that by clicking on the link above or on this one: CLICK HERE


Angela said...

Hi Sleepy Head,

Jill, your writing, fatigued and stressed, is STILL better than about 75% of the stuff I read on a daily basis! Seriously, your last entry outlining your fun-n-frisky outing at the Washington bar (with Juanita One and Two) was hilarious! Definitely could be turned into a novella, but that would require you to make frequent visits there. I don't think your soul could take it, despite the loss to your faithful readers. Angela

Fly Right said...

Now I want Algerian food. I hope they can reopen and I can go there someday. I don't even know of an Algerian restaurant in Chicago! (but there probably is one. . .)