Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why I Love Presents More Now

My birthday is coming up so I've been getting presents in the mail. I appreciate them even more because I don't just run out and buy all the crap that catches my eye.

Presents just seem that much more cool when they are actual luxuries that I would not buy for myself. Like the Kathy and Mo DVD from Angela. I've watched it twice now as a little pick me up before bed (not the whole DVD, just a selected sketch or two each night but have been through it at least twice now in total). I don't just buy DVDs anymore because I'm on Netflix and watch those and their online service or youtube. I don't accumulate DVDs. So to actually have one that I can keep and watch over and over is cool. It even works when the internet connection is slow! (The online Netflix do not work with a slow connection.)

In the box I got earlier this week there was the travel mug / french press. I've already used that multiple times. It's something I look at over and over but since I already have a french press (another gift from holidays past) and a travel mug, I didn't splurge and get the combination press/mug. But I love it. It's at work so I can bring my own good, ethical, organic, freetrade, shade grown etc etc etc coffee and make it right there. I pour it into my work coffee cup because drinking right from the press with the grounds in it, while delicious, I ended up with coffee so strong I got the jitters. I'm going to use it for lovely herbal teas too.

There was also bamboo rice in the box (and three gifts I haven't opened yet...saving them for the day). I have been staring at bamboo rice at the store but haven't bought it yet because it's very pricey and I was hoping it would go on sale so I could try it. I haven't made the bamboo rice yet. Maybe this weekend.

I've always loved gifts...especially getting them. But now that I'm frugal and trying for the simplicity, I find that I appreciate gifts even more.

We'll see what else I get for the birthday. I've got plenty of gifts sitting here waiting to be opened and am not expecting any more.

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