Monday, June 2, 2008

Lovely Parting Gifts...

OK, I'm still a few days away from the birthday and already the prizes are rolling in!! Angela's excellent DVD of Kathy and Mo Shows is already a new favorite. Now a package comes from Sher (mom), though I suspect that Pam had something to do with it since the gifts are signed "Sher and Fred" rather than "Mom and Dad". I haven't opened the wrapped presents yet, but the ones just rolled in newspaper I did.

I LOVE the bodum travel mug that is also a french press. This solves a coffee issue I'd been having.
The bamboo rice is also cool. They just got this at the Moscow Co-op but I hadn't bought any yet as it is quite pricy. I plan to try it on my birthday or there abouts.


Angela requested a hair photo but that may be beyond my blogging abilities right now. We'll see.

For some reason I'm beat right now and headed off to sleep even though it is only 8pm. I'm lame. And old. Old and lame. If I were a horse you'd shoot me.

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Pamela said...

The travel cup was indeed from me. Take note of the papers, one was some of the info you requested about the immigration raid in Postville. The other was the obits, because as you said, you are old.