Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me...

Even though all 4 or 5 readers are my friends and one family member...I'm sure you're sick of me talking about my birthday. Maybe it's selfish but it's me me me! (Ab Fab Reference)

I opened a few more presents today, had cookies for breakfast (and afternoon snack including 3 I totally stole from my officemate because he was gone and didn't know someone had left us cookies so he won't know I stole them.). They were good.

I usually think of how the last year has been, but I've had to think so much in the last year that I'm not spending too much time taking stock this year. Pretty clear on the changes (acquired a kid, second house, 50mile commute, lost a gall bladder, my privacy, and quite a bit of cash).

But I do want to pick a new skill to acquire. I just found out that this woman at work is living my dream. She has a crappy house on an acreage with a horse, a llama, chickens and stuff. She knows how to spin and felt wool. I'm going to try to get her to show me how to card and spin wool. I hope we can find some time for that. Those are very good frugality and voluntary simplicity skills.

One tiny thing about my birthday: It's wierd to have it on D-Day every year. This year I didn't even think about that (for once) until my friend Nancy e-mailed me just now saying that if this is the day we foisted democracy onto the shores of Europe then I must be a year older. Thanks. It's odd to notice each year that thousands of people died horrible deaths on your birthday and that many a movie has been made of it. Oddly, my brother's birthday is Victory in Japan day. I think my sister managed to avoid any particularly famous battle on her birthday. She does have the honor of having it listed wrong on her baptismal certificate. It may have gotten fixed.

Well, back to watching the Catherine Tate Show DVD for my birthday (it's from Netflix, not a purchase..that wouldn't be frugal).

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Fly Right said...

I think my only birthday claim to fame isn't famous enough to be noted officially. It's the day the stock market began to plummet in 1929. It didn't crash until 4 days later (my childhood classmate Debbie's birthday). Carding and spinning wool is actually fun, as well as simple and frugal! I did it for the Tulip Time Historical Village demonstrations a couple of times. The carding is totally mindless, so that was my favorite.