Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Always Darkest Before it Totally Sucks

The water is receding at my folks' house. My sister says it smells "like the inside of Fred's bait fridge." Yum.

I'm having trouble arranging childcare for a trip home. This is making me angry and frustrated, so if anyone has a genius idea for how to get the kid taken care of for 10-14 days, let me know.

I can go in July if not now, but I hate being tied down by this situation and am getting resentful. Not toward the kid. Not his fault. Just the situation and stuff.

Anyway, here is a photo of the issue:

The trees are normally NOT in the middle of the river and bits of house you can see behind the trees..the white stuff..that is their house. Also not normally in the middle of the river.

Pam was moving meat (heh heh) when I called this morning. Getting it to someone else's freezer before it thawed. Sher is still in California and will fly home tomorrow if possible.

Anyway, here's hoping I can get childcare arranged and go help. If not, I'll be going in July I suppose when the child is at a camp for a week. Sigh.

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Fly Right said...

This is so tragic! Is Jake still in school or is he not allowed to cross state lines? You could leave him with me (I could teach him the retail biz from the ground up). I'd come get him of course, and maybe bag some sand myself. (Loosely, as I learned from reading your blog). I think a boy his age would like our house. We have drums and guitars and food and cats an organ. And a yard that needs mowing... Seriously. If it's an option, let me know. I've got that Midwestern thing going on too--how can I help?