Friday, June 27, 2008

Not So Much Happened Today

Not much happened today for me...
Sher had estimaters and advisors over for the floor, kitchen, and SBA loan (which means a total damage estimate). This did not sound like fun.

Pam took the day off work to help and she and I ended up running errands about half the day and packing the remaining crap out of the main floor. If they are going to have to cut the bottom 2 feet or so of the drywall, then everything needs to be packed, or secured and plastic covered. This is boring work.

We did see some amusing things on errands. Here's the first one:

How does one get on the "grilling team"? Is it the varsity or jv grilling team?
Do you have to wear a jock strap and/or sports bra?
How much do they train?
Are there burger-flippin' training camps?

This is what the grilling team was in town for:

50CENTS! That is for a pork burger. Apparently pork burger is the new hamburger in the midwest. I did not know this. Fred went by but the line was too long.
Pam and I had gotten sandwich makin's for lunch anyway.

Here's how Fred spent the day...power washing ducts.

Rob got to transport ducts up the basement steps. Rob should not do that in sandals.
Fred's aim with the power sprayer must be getting better since he's down graded from chest waders to hip waders. By next week he'll be in irrigation boots.

For supper, Joe and Cathy Avery invited us all over to the steak feed at their church. It was DELICIOUS and I do not usually eat big slabs of red meat. There were a few of my old teachers in attendence. I did not go chat with them.
One of the best parts about a meal out is that Sher had to stop working at a reasonable hour.

Now we must all rest so that we can get over to the house early tomorrow to meet Brian and Shelly! Yeay!

This all truly makes me want to sort my crap NOW rather than during a disaster. I've been eliminating things, donating unused items, and getting rid of an item each time I get a new thing and bring it into the house. But it's time to speed up the process. The damage to the house is bad enough, but having to cart the stuff around (and it is LOVELY stuff...antiques and whatnot) is not fun. Then you have to find a good place, or places, to store it during repairs. THEN they will have to unpack it all and re-store it in the house (though rumor has it there won't be much in the basement).

Thanks for all the supportive missives. I tell Sher about them and she's very appreciative. They are still overwhelmed by how much people are helping. I've only got a couple of days left so I need to kick it into high gear here tomorrow and Sunday. It's back on the road to Idaho on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

Your definition of "not so much happened today" is relative, I guess, as your "nothing" could beat my "nothing's" ass. Oh, may I curse on your blog? Feel free to curse on mine.

Would you think less of me if I told you I've been tempted to hop in the old Toyota Camry and head to Waverly to help out? Not because I care for you and your family as much as I want to get in on that all-you-can-eat buffet you've been describing all week.

FOUR KINDS OF CAKE??? I'm still reeling over that one.

Hey, enjoy as best you can these next two or three days. I bet your own homes will look pretty sweet to you when you get home, though it sounds like you have some positive incentives to get your ducks in a row even more.

You don't need to post publically, but have you heard from the kid? How is he doing? Angela