Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Like a Bit of Cake

I like a bit of cake.

My friend Wanda took me out to lunch today and the restaurant gave me a free tiny cake. This was perfect because I love both cake and tiny things.

And, it was pretty good cake.

She also gave me a very cool t-shirt which I will wear tomorrow, but you won't be able to see it because it's cold so I'll be wearing a sweatshirt over it. Still, it's the thought that counts, right?

I haven't done a hair update lately so here it is:
No 'Poo Update: the hair is good. I forgot to brush it yesterday until evening but once I did, it sorted itself out nicely.

Also, yesterday I got my license renewed and my new photo makes me look like an axe-murderer. Oh well. I could be worse. I could look like a serial axe-murderer.
And I think I saw a fake deaf guy there but I'm not sure. There was someone doing what looked like sign language or the manual alphabet. He was wearing grey pants, grey jacket, and a grey cap with a mustache and curly hair. The translator was a woman in a purple coat. He was taking the written test and she was saying, "So you want 'a'?" or something like that...yes, SAYING it.

THEN later I was at the goodwill and so was the woman in the purple coat and a guy in the same outfit with the same hair and a 'stache. THEN I'm done shopping and I'm walking to my car and a guy in grey with a different woman walks out behind me. I didn't get a great look then, but I heard him talking with no issue even though in the license office the guy was pointing and gesturing and the woman was supposedly translating the test. But then again, why would a deaf guy need a translator for a written test? Maybe he's just illiterate. But he was totally not talking to the drivers license lady. Maybe he's illiterate AND pretending to be deaf. But if it was the same guy, then he left the goodwill with a different woman who was not at the license place. There must be a story in there somewhere.

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Fly Right said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I think I will pretend to be deaf now. Can I still type? I suppose I can. It only works in person to pretend to be deaf. I do remember most of the manual alphabet, and few word signs. (okay, I just did them and you couldn't see me but oh well). It's a good ploy to keep you from having to talk to the DMV workers. (But last time, I loved my DMV guy because he acted all incredulous when I told him my birth year)!