Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tired of the Water Now..

But it ain't going away. Now it seems my folks are going to get flooded a second time.
I've talked to some people and made it more clear that I really really need to go. I must have gotten the right person because it is more possible now, though still contingent on getting proper housing for the kid.

The kid is excited about tomorrow being the last day of school. I remember the joy of the last day of school. I could use some of that now.

My day at work was weirdly bi-polar too. I had a personnel issue to deal with before I even got into the office, and then when I got back someone flagged me down and made me take free food and eat cake. I like a bit of cake. I ended up getting home late but due to free sliced roast beef (sorry Laurie!), free swiss cheese, free hoagie buns, free lettuce, and free other stuff; I had a reasonably appealing meal on the table in 10 minutes! Just put the meat on buns, real cheese on Jake's, fake cheese on mine, put under broiler, tear up lettuce, add dressing, get the sliced watermelon out of the fridge, pull the melted sandwiches out of the oven and voila.
Honestly, I was impressed and very very grateful for the free food (I didn't bring any cake home...that seemed like a bit much and my cooler was full of the slightly less unhealthy crap).

So, the flood. I can't imagine how emotionally wrung out my sister, father and everyone there must be and now they have to watch the water come up AGAIN. Not as high as before but still. These people won't be having "post" traumatic stress, they will be having "mid-trauma-traumatic" stress. Parkersburg and New Hartford just had people killed in tornadoes that took out much of their housing base. Now they are flooded. I just read that New Hartford is having evacuations. A levee in or near Cedar Rapids broke and they can't tell exactly how high the water is or how fast it's going because the USGS watergauge was swept downstream by the flood.

Ange: I hope your aunt from Decorah is doing OK and that your mom can still get around Dubuque. If I remember right, Casa Gulick is on a bluff and back from the edge of said bluff so hopefully is OK.

My Aunt Billie who lives outside Elkader is fine. Today is her birthday so I called. She isn't going into town or anywhere and is "trapped" but her kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids are making it in and out so I asked what was up. She said the main road is pretty well wiped out (the water is down and it took the road to town with it) and she doesn't like the back way (which is not in great too was under water). She's 76 today so she can do whatever the hell she wants.

I should totally put a picture of her here. Let me see if I can....hold please....(sing your own hold music)..... ......

And here it is! Billie is in the white tank top and Aunt Sara (also known as Sara Lynn to avoid confusion with her neice/my cousin "Sara Jane")

This is the picture that my thoughtful and kind sister sent when I lamented that now in my gall-free life, I can eat anything and am gaining weight. The caption was "Room for one more on the porch. have another donut"
Billie is 76 and Sara Lynn must be 70 or more. Fred is the baby of the family and he turns 68 this summer. Billie looks good for 76. She says she doesn't feel a day over 75 1/2.
This picture also reminds me that I really want a muumuu. Doesn't Sara look comfee? It was a hot day and Sara was probably the only one not chafing.

Anyway, I must try to get some sleep now. Pam told me about where you can watch NBC shows and movies from one of the affiliated studios. Pretty cool. I'm watching old Mary Tyler Moore now. I watched recent "The Office" last week. Good pre-bed stuff and you can stop anytime.


Angela said...

Hey Jill,

I know we've communicated privately, but I figure any support/diversion is good. I'm glad your aunt Billie is fine -- when you mentioned her name (before you put her picture in, and while I was singing to myself as directed), I thought, "Mumu." I may have mispelled that thought but for some reason I associated her with that article of clothing. I continue to pray for all of your family and for you too -- this stress must be overwhelming at times. So far, so good -- my aunt Pat's house in Decorah is OK and Dubuque seems to have been largely spared. Yeah, Mom lives on the top of a high bluff, and if the water ever got that high, it would basically signal the end of the world. When the time comes and the waters go away (and they will), please consider asking your friends and many, many readers of your blog to donate stuff your family might need until they can get back on their feet. You know a lot of people who love you, and together, we could help your parents during this terrible time. Angela

Fly Right said...

Jill, I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but I had a muumuu for you YEARS ago and never sent it. Then my friend Debbi needed one to be the Simpson's crazy cat lady for a party we went to, and I gave her your muumuu. I'll see if she still has it--it wasn't that long ago. I think I even told her I bought it for you. I owe you a large, loud, lovely dress. And you will get it this time. And please do let us all know if your family needs stuff. As you are proving with this blog, we could all use less crap in our lives. (and I hoard, so I have a lot to spare!) Maybe I could send everyone a muumuu!