Saturday, July 19, 2008

The End of the Vegan Affair

So, sorry I didn't post much last week. I was staying at my Plummer, Idaho,!!! It's a TRAILER.

Anyway, I got rid of my dialup service there and just didn't feel like going back into work to post blogs. Instead I watched movies, read 2 whole books (one of them is Valerie Bertinelli's memoir so not much of a book but it turns out Eddie Van Halen is a drug addict. WHO KNEW??), cooked, and talked on the phone.

In the midst of it all I tried veganism.
Not bad. I had one inadvertent dairy mishap. I thought I was eating a tiny bearclaw type pastry. But it turned out it was a tiny cream cheese strudel type pastry.
And one vertent dairy mishap. I had a peanut butter cups event on Friday. I love them. They were there. I ate some.
All in all, not bad for my first attempt at veganism.

I tried some vegan "field roast" italian "sausage." It was surprisingly edible. Especially over wholewheat pasta with some of my dehydrated tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Angela: I rehydrated them before eating.
The fake sausage is too expensive for daily consumption, but would spice up a meatless diet.

I thought I would have trouble at a meeting I went to, but the facilitator always brings fresh fruit and nuts for snacks so I would have been fine if it had not been for someone else bringing the tiny cheese strudels. I brought my own lunch of course, but wouldn't we all rather eat the free food someone else brought? Hence the joy of the potluck.

I do hope you are all following the flood blog my sister and I are keeping for the folks. My sister just found out that if you google "wagner flood" our blog is the first thing that pops up. We feel famous and stupid for wasting our fame. We should have done a sex tape or two like Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson-n-Tommy Lee, Vern "Mini-Me" Trotyer, and all the other true celebrities.

Anyway, as a closing thought, I want to re-recommend that you all go view the movie Escanaba in Da Moonlight. It is hysterical. Especially if anyone in your family ever hunted deer. Laurie: they never show a deer get hurt and the fake dead deer is SO BAD that I don't think it will be offensive. Certainly not compared to the room-o-gore you were given at the Gulick household lo those many years ago.


Fly Right said...

We often have soyrizo--the Mexican version of the Italian sausage. It's great scrambled with a bunch of onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc. and eggs (or silken tofu) wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Mmmmm. It's delicious! Of course we put copious amounts of cheese on it as well. We heart cheese.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill and Laurie,

I think the trick to this vegan eating is simply to let you and Laurie cook for ME. The stuff you describe sounds really good. Could we arrange some sort of Vegan Drop-off Point up the road at Old Man Miller's Bridge? I'll be the one with the iced-down sytrofoam cooler and holding a fork and knife. Thanks! Can't wait to see you. Angela (Oh, wait, styrofoam is bad for the environment, isn't it. So is plastic. And wood cuz it kills trees. Um, I'll be the one with the hemp cloth totebag, so be sure you pack up my foodstuffs carefully. In glass or metal containers. No tupperwares, please.

Jill said...

I haven't tried the soyrizo...but I will now.
And by jove I think Ange has got it! Yeay.

But um, Ange, one tiny thing. I'm allergic to the whole hemp/jute/burlap range of fibers (and smokes and leaves so no "special" vegan brownies please) so maybe you could carry a cotton canvas bag or I'll just bring my own. Also, they make lovely baskets in africa that work very well for shopping and mark you as the crazy cat lady so win win. (warning: you WILL need a muumuu to wear while you carry the aforementioned basket around the store and if you can pull off a head wrap, all the better)