Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Can't I Remember

What I was going to post about??
I had a super idea for a post today while I was sitting staring at an excavator, then a scraper, for hours today.

OH! Why it's amusing to live in a tiny town. The kid and I stayed in Plummer last night due to my having to work at about 4am today. (starting work at 4am BLOWS. Being done working for the day by noon is pretty cool).

So last night after supper, the kid wants to go to a cafe for pie. I had pie for lunch so I was just going to have a beverage.
We head out and stop at the post office first. At the cafe we walk in and immediately run into one of the elders I work with frequently so we have to chat. We make it to the back room (better for pie), and there is another couple of friends. So we chat some more. The waitress comes over and its the neighbor lady. So we chat some more.

The pie is very good here.

After pie, we walk home. On the way we wave to many people. Then I notice lots of people going to city hall and I know about half of them so we wave and chat. A bit up the block one of the city council persons flags me over to her truck. She's standing outside of it looking chagrined. Turns out she locked her keys in there. She asks me to climb up in the bed, pull out the pass-through window behind the seat, crawl in and get the keys. I do. (Thank god I haven't put all the weight back on or I'd still be stuck in that window.)

The kid and I found this very amusing. In our big city apartment, we like the neighbors and chat sometimes, but most of the time, no one talks to us. In Plummer, you always feel a bit like the homecoming queen or like you are living on the set of Cheers where everybody knows your name.

There is a downside to living in a small when you want to have a piece of pie and NOT crawl through the back window of a pickup truck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

I'm so glad you and El Kid (sounds fancier that way) had a fun evening centering around something as basic but as wonderful as pie. I can see why you feel so centered in Pullman compared to the "reptilian metropolis" of Spokane. OK, because I know Fly Right reads this, I totally stole that expression from her. She used it once to describe Chicago, and Laurie, I'm just glad I don't have to pay you royalties because I use that expression ALL THE TIME. Just think of me as recycling it :-) Angela

Jill said...

First...why are you up at 6:03 commenting on blogs?
Second...I like "El Kid" because it brings up references both to "El Cid" (snooty factor) and all of the "Kid" characters of the old western films (sundance kid, cisco kid).
Third...I need to live in towns with names that are more easily differentiated. Pullman (past residence) and Plummer (current residence)are too similar.

Fly Right said...

Ang-I am flattered that you credited me. I have a bad case of CRS (can't remember sh*t) and I would have thought you to be the clever originator of that phrase! Pie. Don't much care for it myself, but I'm glad Jill and El Kid got some.