Monday, July 21, 2008

The Accidental Vegan

So you know how I was going to try to be vegan a couple of days a week?
Well, I was.

Anyway, today I was accidentally vegan! I had eaten my lunch sandwich (organic fresh ground peanut butter with homemade strawberry-huckleberry-blueberry jam on 9 grain bread) by 10am (due to only having a 1/2 sandwich...same type...for breakfast) and went to the store in Plummer Idaho to get something decadent for a turkey sandwich or a chicken strip sandwich (yes, deep fried chickenstrips on white bread bun with mayo and a slab of plasti-cheese (those pre-wrapped singles. I pick the plasticheese off). BUT I ran into El Kid there and had to set a good example so I bought organic oat bran pretzels and an apple.
This was good because it is too freaking hot to eat much.

When we got home El Kid said he'd had a hankering for a pb&j sandwich so we had more sandwiches for supper with a side of watermelon.

I was accidentally vegan. Cool. I'm still fat because I ate the WHOLE BAG of pretzels, but it's a healthy fat.

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