Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Flood Specific Blog

If you are looking for Fred-n-Sher Flood updates,
Pam set up a blog just for that.
She has posted one new bit, and we'll try to move my flood specific entries over there.
Those looking for flood news probably don't want to know as much about me, my politics, and my non-toxic home cleaning habits as will be posted here.

The new flood blog is at
or the old fashioned way: http://fredandsher.blogspot.com/
OK, I'll just leave this entry as is to let everyone click on the new blog link above and then start back on my wierd hippie liberal diatribes tomorrow.
Thank you all for tuning in to Flood Watch '08
and for encouraging and supporting Team Wagner '08


Fly Right said...

Oh yeah, please return to your hippie liberal diatribes ASAP. I need to get unhooked a bit from my latest soap opera--the Wagner family flood. If they are separate, I can control my addiction a bit better. Thanks for taking that over, Pam!

Angelamusings said...

Hi Jill/Pam/Laurie,

Well, I'll be an avid reader of both blogs, but now I can concentrate on human suffering (Pam's blog) and being a better human being (Jill's blog) without the danger of cross-contamination. I'm really only capable of one emotion at a time. Angela