Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On the road again

On the road again...

I'm at Missoula, Montana now. In the lovely Ponderosa Lodge. I don't see a website for it. There are some complaints on tripadvisor.com, but I've been here twice before and it seems fine. It's only 60$ so not bad at all. HUGE room...20 cinderblocks long (I know this because the interior walls are cinderblock). It's probably 10 wide. Since it is all cement (even the ceiling) you certainly don't hear the neighbors.
It's also across the road from a grocery store. Here are a couple of room photos:

Not fancy, but very clean and I like the couch. I think I may have had it in an apartment at some point. We also have the same floor lamp. Apparently my trailer is decorated in "cheap motel."

Here is the flood update as far as I know:
The dehumidifiers are running apace. Fred has not opened up the basement stairs yet and Pam tells me that we're not talking about it. There is an unreachable spot under the basement stairs that could probably use drying. Sher will have to handle that one on her own.

Sher dealt with FEMA, Small Business Admin, and Red Cross paperwork and funding issues today. Sounds like fun.

Billie visited! They had lunch and she brought 3 tomato plants to get the garden going again (even though you should not eat veg grown in poowaterground). Keith had also said he found a bunch of Fred's worms up in Elkader but I don't know if those got sent down.

Fred power washed a lot of things today. I don't think they can go in the house much due to the dehumidifiers making it hot and not wanting to have the doors open (why pay to dehumidify the planet).

So, enough flood...back to me.

Today I drove from Wall, South Dakota to Missoula, Montana. According to google maps, that is 768 miles and should take 10.5 hours. I was on the road about 12 hours. I stopped to pee quite a bit and I had to get gas and things so I suppose there were about 11 actual on the road hours. Plenty of construction.

The COOLEST thing I saw was a truck hauling an oversized load. As I passed I could read the truck that was the load...it was a GIANT yellow contraption and the side said "Kotzebue Airport Rescue and Firefighting". They must be hauling it all the away to Alaska. that would be a hell of a drive especially with that load.

Other than that...lots of driving. Then more driving. Followed by, more driving.
I should be home to Plummer by mid-day tomorrow. I may go in to work after a good shower and a nap just to do some triage on what I missed. Ick.

Anyway, it's early but I want to take a bit of time to relax.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Jill!

Will you take photos of your two trailer and apartment so we can continue to luxuriate in your luxurious digs filled with luxury? We all don't have such fancy-pants homes (plural emphasized in case I can't make the HTML tags for italicizing work). Seriously, Dorothy, you've been on quite an adventure, and I'm sure there really is no place like home(s). Angela

Post Script: I wasn't able to make the italics work. Sorry.