Saturday, July 5, 2008

Groovy Thrift Finds...and at last I'm booked for a wedding

But first, the flood update:
The house is fully dehydrated. I am sending anonymous flooring samples to Sher.
There are some great deals online and I think if she puts the sample in a high traffic area and abuses it, she can tell if it will hold up to usual wear and tear.
Sara Jane and Slugs were at
Elkader with Fred and Sher for fireworks. Sara J. and Fred went trout fishing. Sara proclaimed it the best goddamned trout fishing of her life. Floods must be good for both bullhead AND trout fishing.
This concludes the flood report.

Now for my groovy thrift finds.
I have to go to a wedding in August. Freaking AUGUST. It's HOT. And, none of my good clothes fit at all. Went thrift shopping today and got linen pants, linen top, and sandals all for under20$. The top was new (tags and spare button baggy still attached) though at a thrift shop so pretty
spendy for a thrift buy. I love the thrift.

Now for the wedding booking:
The kid and I went to a party yesterday (which you know was not much of a party since I was willing to go) at my friends Anne and Yvonne's house. They were barbecuing some turkey and people were supposed to bring sides. I brought a pie and they made far too big a deal of it. But it was the only dessert. I think their other friends were not raised in potluck cultures. Everyone was very funny and there were 3 great dogs. One, Chinook, greeted everyone who came by ramming his wet muddy head into their right boob. Nice that he was so consistent.
Anne and Yvonne are getting married next summer and had already booked someone to officiate but asked me to co-officiate. That was sweet. I hope they don't expect me to wear a dress!


Fly Right said...

I'm sure they won't expect you to wear a dress, but they may demand a pie of some sort. . .

Angelamusings said...

Hey Reverend Jim, I mean Jill,

I'm kind of confused -- did you apply for one of those divinity degrees at the back of Rolling Stone like Chris did in Northern Exposure? Can anyone officiate? Do you just have to be official-looking? Well, it sounds like you will look wonderful in your linen frock. What color is it? Can you officiate if your color doesn't match the brides' wedding vision? I understand that these things can get rather intense. Angela