Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It's new year. Woo-hoo.

So what am I doing?
Well, I'm at work. I'll work in a bit after I'm done with breakfast. Right now I'm catching up on the blogging and watching a Woody Allen film online (I love Woody and I've never seen Celebrity before).

Here's one quick new year's resolution:
My friend Jonny got me a cookbook I've looked at in stores for years but never bought (because I hadn't seen it used), More-with-Less. It's Mennonite and based on the idea that there is nto enough to go around in the world if people keep eating a standard American diet. The author, Doris Janzen Longacre, wrote this in 1976. It's probably more true now. We eat too much protein which screws up our systems and depletes food supplies in the world. Doris doesn't say we need to all go vegan, just that the world will be better (and we'll be putting our mouths where our mouths are) if we use more beans, lentils, whole grains, and vegetables; preserve some food when it's in season; and eat less feelot beef.

It's pretty much where I'm at so a nice gift with some good recipes.

So, the resolution: at least once a month, I'll try a recipe from the book!

Right now...I'm not only blogging and watching a movie, I'm also soaking black beans so I can make beans and rice later from a recipe in the book.

That's the only resolution this year (so far). It seems doable.

Last year's resolutions...I think they went OK. I don't remember them all. I did resolve to not buy any "new" clothes (other than undergarments). That worked out. All my "new" clothes for '08 were from thrift except for 6 pairs of undies. My sox lasted OK and I did buy one pair of thrift sox but I don't think they'd been worn. I just kept mending the ones I already own. A friend, Diana, gave me a little tiny dresser that was her mother-in-law's sewing storage thing. The stuff was still in it. While the dress-shields will probably not get used, and the bra-elastic (seriously, there was bra-elastic in there still in the package) was aged beyond usefulness...the rest, including the darning egg, has come in very handy.

It's been a fun week in Plummer...shoveling, working, shoveling, slipping on ice, working, slipping...

Another fun thing I've been doing this week while staying in Plummer, is watching a film by the son of a colleague. It's a hoot! Very ambitious to try to do a period piece set in London when one lives in Spokane and has not budget. But some scenes work well. Not all of them btu I've seen worse on the commercial market when people DID have a budget.

Well, I should probably find something else to do now.
Happy New Year to everyone

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