Monday, January 5, 2009

Cabin Night Fever

Symptoms: unable to sleep due to obsessively checking the weather and hoping for it to break.

Treatment: None known.

I couldn't sleep last night. The weather..>AAAA. Snow. Snow. Snow.
In Spokane they don't so much plow or shovel as simply rearrange the snow. I watched 3 plows in a row pass my today as I walked. They were all in one lane and snow flew about. But landed BACK ON THE STREET!!!! Seriously. The streets are 6inches deep in new snow (over ice running from 1-12inches deep an rutty). After the plows went by the snow was brown but there was no other effect. Wierd. And why not spread out across the two lanes and plow that crap OFF THE STREET?

I was mostly walking in the street because sidewalks are not shoveled mostly. I came across one that was snow-blown FULL WIDTH! I climbed over the berm from the street to the sidewalk. Walked about 10 yards then turned the corner to see that the snow-blowage DEAD_ENDED about 10yards up from the corner. What the f---? Why bother doing a lovely job making 20 yards of handicap accessible sidewalk to the entrance to your business only to have it COMPLETELY surrounded by snow berms on all sides and both ends? Was it some sort of wintery performance art? If so, it was good.

I also watched a business man in a suit drive his big-ass 4wheel truck INTO a burm and get it stuck in his own parking lot. I stopped and took a photo but it didn't turn out. He didn't appreciate my giggling and I'm sure if/when I get stuck I'll regret laughing.

I'm walking about Spokane today because my ride to work guy took the day off. It was too dangerous to drive. A few people did...but the highways were closed and I'm not having the rescue guys go out on a closed highway so I can check e-mail (instead I'll go to this lovely coffee shop just 2 blocks from the house and not check my e-mail...heh heh). (Actually, I think I will check my email... there is supposed to be a big meeting that I'm probably missing).
(OK, totally should not have checked my I'm in a crisis loop at work and must sign off) favorite thrift store had the roof cave in and is closed! Son of a bitch!

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Fly Right said...

Bummer about the weather. Even bigger bummer about the thrift store! I scored huge for Jon yesterday at the one in my old neighborhood (had to bring my old company a bunch of shipping boxes). He got 2 nice flannel shirts (one Abercrombie and one LL Bean) and a nice Eddie Bauer pullover sweatshirtish thing. And it was 1/2 price day! I knew I took Mondays off for a reason!