Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Speech

You have to admit, whether you voted for him or not...it's pretty amazing to be alive when the first black president of the USA is inaugurated. I'm watching the speech right now. Not bad.
He's all about the thrift and hard work. It will be an interesting change from that last guy who just told us to keep shopping while he shuttled our money to his cronies. If you disagree, feel free to. That's supposed to be the point of living in this country.

The crowd looks HUGE!

By the way, I've heard all this crap about how Obama's inauguration is costing more than Bush's last one. It's not. The figures they are using for Obama's include the security, porta-let rentals, etc. What they are counting for Bush when they say "40million$" is actually JUST the $$ Bush raised to fund the actual event. NOT the security costs etc. The last report I heard where the reporter compared similar costs for the last Bush inauguration the total sum was higher than Obama's total cost. AND, with only about 400,000 people at the Bush one, it was about 392$/attendee. For Obama, the total cost is lower, and with an expected 2million (will be recalculated when a better count is available) it will be about 78$/attendee.
Obama is clearly the fiscal conservative and getting more bang for his buck.

I do hope people are well behaved and patient at the event. I also heard on liberal-diatribe-radio that there was one porta-let per 5,000-6,000 attendees...there is no way one porta-let can hold 5000 poos and/or pees. I hope people wore diapers or peed before they left their housing and restricted their liquid intake (it's cold...they won't pass out).

I don't know what I would choose if it was to be the 5000th person in a porta-let or to poop my pants. If those are the options, what do you choose?
I'll have to post a vote thingy on the side of the blog. Please vote.

OK, back to listening to the speech.

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Fly Right said...

Jill--you would love Barack's appearance on our local PBS station's restaurant review show, Check Please. They taped it back in 2001, and never aired it until last weekend. Basically, the show has 3 guests and a host. The guests each recommend a restaurant, they all go to all of them (with their spouse or partner, or family not as a group) then they come back and talk about what they liked/disliked. Barack picked a great one--Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop in Hyde Park (his 'hood). Every single place they went he commented on the prices, portion size, the friendliness of the staff, and stuff like free parking. All the things I think about when choosing a place to eat. He's a real guy! With real concerns of real people! He even seemed a little intimidated about going to the French place that one chick chose. (he ended up liking it, but it was pricey and not family-friendly so he just took his wife). I LOVE HIM!! Even more now that I saw that. I'm wearing my Obama earrings that I made for my inauguration party tonight!! I can't control my joy. As for your survey, I chose the diaper cuz that's just how I am--prepared. Does Seventh Generation make adult diapers?