Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This one time, at band camp....

OK, it's not band camp, but I am going camping and thought I should let my loyal reader know.

A friend and I rented another cabin in Montana south of Missoula in the Pintler/Deerlodge forest area. This one is on the Skalkaho highway and says it has a gate right on the highway so no rifraf will be camping near us. We'll have to be the only rifraff in the neighborhood.

The other cabin was cool so we're hoping this one is too. It's RIGHT by a trout stream so I must remember my fishing pole and think about getting a license this time.
The weather is supposed to be perfect...low 70s during the day and 30s and 40s overnight.
There wil be 5 of us an only 4 beds but I get there like 12 hours before the rest of them so no problemo for meo. I can't decide if I want a top bunk to avoid people stepping on me, or a bottom bunk because it might rain and I'm sure the roof leaks. Maybe a top bunk and I'll keep my tarp over my bed.

I leave Thursday morning but don't know if I'll get to blogging again before then.

I hope you all have visited the flood blog lately to see the GORGEOUS bamboo floor tha they've put down. Very nice. I'm pretty sure they are going to be on some sort of "floor tour" now. The garden tour is probably a bust this year after the floods and all.

And now for a No 'Poo update: The hair is doing great now. It's been rainy and I did not get a case of fuzzy-head like I used to when it was humid (like the whole time I lived in the midwest). My hair actually lays down now. It does seem to be bleaching in the sun, but it probably does that every year, I just don't look at it.

Anyway, must do a bit of research and watch an episode of Mary Tyler Moore Show on hulu.com before I fall alseep.


Fly Right said...

That sounds like so much fun! Catch some trouts and some R&R while you're gone!

Angelamusings said...

Aw Punkin,

You know my feelings on camping (even though you did try to arrange a lovely camping extravaganza when I visited you years ago). But camping in a building seems superior to the tent/sleeping bag/easy access to bugs version of camping. Hope you have a great and relaxing weeked with all your friends. Angela