Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Baaaaaa--aaack....

Camping was great.
There were no kids as they all wussed out. HA! Serves them right.

The cabin was bigger than the last one, had a great stove which was easy to keep lit, though overheated the cabin. I'm a total pyro so I kept it going anyway.

We had a trout stream behind the cabin just about 75 yards away. We didn't catch any fish but had some lovely naps in the chairs while we stared at our lines.

It was just me and Jeanne so we went into various towns shopping in the afternoon and hung out at the cabin fishing or doing nothing or climbing rocks the rest of the time.

The only downers were the outhouse (big and fancy but the hole was filled with "water" to within about 2 feet of the seat making me afraid to poop and make it splash) and the waterpump which despite its name, did not pump water. We heated up creek water for bathing and dishes and bought water to drink.

The place is an old youth camp with only one cabin refurbished for rental. So the area is large and fenced in with a gate at the road. Much more private than the previous cabin which allowed other campers or rifraf to come in and use the potty and pump. I think I wouldn't mind camping alone at this cabin.

We heard some elk at night, and cows ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Oh well.

Jeanne brought me a hamster which is named "Hammy" and is of indeterminate sex. I bought a bird cage at a thrift store on the way home and when I left it, Hammy was climbing to the top of the cage and dropping to the bottom. I may have to get a tiny bungee cord set up in there...then I'll need a tiny helmet and a carnie to run the thing. Will I need a tiny hotdog stand?

I'll try to get some pictures up here later. I didn't bring the camera to work today to download them so it might be a bit.


Fly Right said...

Hammy!!!! Just like on Tales from the Riverbank! Does he drive a Jeep or a small motorboat? God, I loved that show. Looked all over for it on DVD or VHS, but to no avail. (there's some Brit version of it that looks like it wasn't the one Brenda and I remember. . .)

Your trip sounds like it was perfect (but for the no trout part). My canoe trip starts Friday night. I can't wait!!! I think there will be around 44 people (22 canoes) this year. That may prove to be too many, but it seems like they're pretty well organized. Too bad I only have the one potty chair.

Jill said...

I have not seen Tales from the Riverbank! He doesn't drive yet. He's quite young. And also clearly part monkey.

Happy canoeing!