Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Rant and an Update

OK, first the update and before that an apology.

The apology: Sorry I couldn't come up with a cute title. I'm too revved up from eating candy because I bought my officemate new candy because I ate all the other candy that he bought because I have no power over the candy.

The Update:
Laurie asked for a No 'Poo update. Here it is. My hair is doing great. I'm doing the baking soda scalp scrub as needed which is about every 4-5 days during the summer. Mostly to get the crust from sweat and dust off my head after field days. Then the apple cider vinegar rinse and off I go. My hair is not frizzy. I have few split ends, and my scalp does not itch or peel (except when it has an actual sunburn). And no one has said that it smells bad. The color is changing. It's looking lighter I think but that could be summer and just going grey. The darker hairs are going grey first and so for a few years my hair has been gradually getting redder and lighter If the blond goes I'm going to be red and silver. That will be wierd.

And now the rant:

I've been looking at floor plans for inspiration when I finally build my house of mud and twigs.
Why is it that in almost every freaking modern floor plan, the master bedroom crapper is bigger than the bedrooms the kids are supposed to live in?
Has our society become so full of crap that we need LARGE rooms in which to dispose of it?
As far as I can tell, toilets have actually become smaller.
What is the point of all that open floor space in the crapper?
It's not like there are extra appliances in there like bidets. Just a toilet, sink and tub/shower. Sometimes they split the tub and shower but still, there is some serious acreage of empty floor.
What are people doing in there?

I thought maybe this was just upscale houses so I checked cabins and for the most part if your home has under 500square feet of space, the bathroom is small. BUT, any more room in the home seems to be disproportionally allotted to the master crapper.

I checked mobile homes thinking that given the limited floor space in the entire unit, they must surely have reasonable sized bathrooms. NOPE. Big giant master crappers. The other crappers are normal size or small. But the master one is usually bigger than the second and third bedrooms. Sometimes larger than the dining room and often larger than the kitchen. I would think that the room needed to input the food would be bigger than the room needed to output the food. I'm wrong.

Since I may well be building a home without a bathroom, this seems odd to me and makes me angry because I can't use the floorplans that are out there.

I have found that if there is a "master wing" (where the parents are almost completely insulated from their children in separate and poorly accessible part of the home), that you can just lop off that wing and have a decent house. Then I get to thinking about those unsupervised kids who could wake up in the night screaming with appendicitis and their folks are a good quarter mile away behind the "retreat" (a room where you go to escape your family when you aren't asleep or pooping), the his-n-hers crappers, the walk-in/through closets, and often past the garage. The parents won't hear. When the kids are in their teens it will be easy for them to sneak in and out from their own wing. They could run meth labs or hydroponic operations and their parents would never know. Damn parents these days.

I live with a teen now and understand the urge to "get away" sometimes. But it seems that the home designs are reflecting a broader cultural urge to have kids and then really not deal with them all that much.

If you don't want to be around kids, how about just not having any! Problem solved.

These giant homes with multiple wet-walls and buttloads of un-used and unnecessary space are also energy and water hogs and that bothers me on another level. But I'll leave the rant at the giant wasteful crappers for today.

On a happy note...the "city" of Plummer sent me five free energy efficient lightbulbs today! Cool.

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Fly Right said...

Yeah, it's bad enough cleaning my tiny bathrooms--who wants ginormous ones? I guess you could have myriad bookshelves in there for more selection than the standard magazine rack. . . Or how 'bout a trapeze?!