Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At Long Last Post...

OK, that title is a stretch...there might be a prize for the person who figures out the reference.

I just saw this on another blog I read and I love it!

It is a little calculator to decide if you should buy a more fuel efficient car or stick with the one you have. It's based entirely on economics, but still interesting. It IS more environmental in general to keep using things you have, including cars and houses, than to buy something newly made so the economics are probably enough.

So, here it is:

Just fill in the info and see what you get.

I found out that given my 30mpg I get in the subaru, and the price of gas, even driving 3000 miles a month (yes, 3000 is my current monthly milage...cripes) it would take me 14 years to recoup the cost of a better car and that was only paying 7500$ for that car. I have not met the 7500$ car that runs for 14 years (though I keep trying).

And, I will not be driving 3000 miles a month for 14 years so the recoup would actually never happen.

Nice to have it confirmed that driving my car into the ground is not only simple, frugal and environmental (as long as I maintain it), but also cost effective.


Angelamusings said...

Hey Jill,

Let's see -- without looking at the Internet, is your title a play on "At Long Last, Love"? In fact, I think that was a movie with Luciano Pavrotti and some blond actress (Kathleen Harold? Katherine Harold?) I will check and if I'm right, I will sit back and wait for my prize.

I tried to figure out my car mileage based on the website, but I think I did it wrong, as it said I would "break even" in 187 years. I just don't think I will be around then.

I think you ought to combine your two loves -- a car that is fuel efficient AND a tiny home. Why not just live IN your fuel efficient car? Some people would call that "homeless," but others would call it taking simplicity and frugality to its logical conclusion. Angela

Angelamusings said...

A Postscript:

Sad Face. I was not right about the movie "At Long Last Love" (though I was right that it was a movie and it starred a blond woman and a swarthy man -- Cybil Shepherd and Burt Reynolds). No prize for me. On the other hand, there WAS a movie called "Yes, Georgio" starring Luciano and Kathryn Harrold. Next time, I'm going to sneak a peek at the Internet and then "guess" the right answer, amaze all, and sit back and accept my prize. Maybe some cahhhh-feeee and bars? Angela

Jill said...

WE HAVE A WINNER! Ange, that was the movie reference so you get a prize anyway because I have not seen the film, didn't know who was in it or what the plot might be.