Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the Blog Again...

That title is a bit obtuse but I'm hoping for a Willie Nelson reference.
Did you know Willie is all about peace?
He has the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute.
It's probably funded by doobie profits but whatever. I love Willie.
(Ange: you should put that on a pillow for me: I Love Willie.)

OK, on to today's blog.

I have a new non-ecological computer because I suck and did not want to wait for a green-rebuilt-hippie computer. It's an Acer which is at least an off brand.
I'll check into options for the old computer.

This one has a webcam and since I leave my computer by the bed on a milk crate (it's as though I never left college), if I left it on you could watch me sleep which would be fasincating. And creepy.

So today I went to the Pulaski Mine Adit. "Adit" is the mining talk word for "opening of the mine tunnel". It's where a bunch of dudes and some horses holed up during the 1910 wildfire that burned most of north Idaho. Almost everybody lived, though they had to shoot the horses because they were too sick after the fire passed. It seems most people, and all the horses, suffered from smoke inhalation, heat damage (scorched hands, faces, eyes) and probably carbon monoxide poisoning. But they lived. Except the guys who died. Anyway, there was a dig there and I got to go visit because I am an anthropologist. Here is a link to the Pulaski history webpage: LINK LINK LINK

Tomorrow I'm going to try to go see a mammoth. It's dead. But there is a dig and I have a special invitation to the dig for a VIP tour. Of course the invite got to me late late late and no one has called me back to confirm that I can get in. BUT Monday, tomorrow, is the last day for VIP tours and I want to see it. So, I'm going to leave them a message saying if I can't get in, someone better call me and tell me to turn around and quit driving because I am on my way. I can't believe they'd turn me back once I get there.
I need to buy a disposable camera because I loaned my personal one out this weekend and I forgot to bring the work one home with me (partly because the work camera is too too big and heavy and expensive).

As for the simplicity/frugality stuff...I did pick huckleberries on the way out from the mine today. It's a 2mile hike in (and thusly 2 mile hike out). Just enough to flavor some lemonade which I will hopefully remember to buy, or better yet...MAKE, tomorrow morning as I leave.

And, right now I am cooling the apartment with laundry. If you hang wet laundry up in a wet place and put a fan on it, the evaporation cools the air a bit. I've cooled my bedroom (and thus the dining room and kitchen because it's really all one room with a curtain hung across it) 2 degrees in 20 minutes. Not bad. WARNING: this doesn't work in humid environments. It's dry dry dry here so it works better. I probably don't even really need the fan but I like the air moving about.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

I'm glad you are back online. Your fans, and the crickets, missed you! I did get the "on the _____ again" reference, as did I get the Requiem for a Laptop reference yesterday. But that one bummed me out because it reminded me of seeing the movie Requiem for a Dream. I think that movis is probably the darkest, most depressing, most wretched movie I've ever seen (as in, it made me feel wretched). But I bet you'd love it as depressing movies are kind of your bag. Anyway, I hope you have many, many happy blogs with your new computer. Is the baking soda routine still working out? Angela

Fly Right said...

Yes! We need a no 'poo update! And Willie Nelson is my idol. One of 'em anyways. . . He's the biodiesel fueled guitar-pickin', pot smokin', farm aidin', tax evadin', man of my dreams! I highly recommend seeing him live if you ever get the chance. I've done it three times so far, and I've never been disappointed. (although the & Family part is kind of a drag)