Friday, August 1, 2008

Requiem for a Laptop

Well, my trusty toshiba is no more.
Well, it's almost no more.
It's no more enough that I'm just going to buy a trusty something-cheap to get me back on line and watching movies and maybe let El Kid show me somethings about hardware repair because it can get none-more-broke.
It is broke to 11.

Here is a haiku about my dead 'puter (not to be confused with a dead 'pooter...that's a different blog entirely):

Toshiba of mine
you worked for a real long time
now you are so dead

OK, not my best effort, but it's a fricking computer so who really cares?

That's just how I am. Once you let me down, you are dead to me and I will no longer write you verse and song.

Hey..Maybe Ange can write an epic poem about the death of my 'puter!
Here are some things that might help.
The guy who diagnosed it (after Pam did over the phone but who trusts a phone diagnosis anyway???) is named "Berne" pronounced like "Bernie" but spelled different.
He had me find the recovery disk that came with the computer. Any of you who have seen my housekeeping will be impressed that I found it at all after 4 years. It was under the bed with the home canned goods. No one knows why.

I'm going to some giant icky electronics store tonight or tomorrow morning and get a new 'puter. I'm going to try to be environmental about it and recycle my old 'puter or get it working on some level again. Then maybe donate it if it works well enough. And the new one is the minimum that I need, except for the included extras..., and will be as inexpensive as possible and I'll try to take better care of it. Still, I'm probably going to environmental hell over this.

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Fly Right said...

In sticking to my "all things green" mantra, I opted for a reconditioned laptop from Tiger Direct online. It came really fast, was cheap, and had a service plan for a few months. (which was good, cuzof it had a problem right away, which they quickly fixed--sent a guy over the next morning) Not the greenest of the green, but I can't justify a treadmill powered computer right now. I'm just too darn lazy.