Monday, August 23, 2010

Possibly the WORST Gardener Ever

So, I have a couple of pots CLEARLY marked "carrot" that I remember planting...with CARROT seeds. And yet, they have tomatoes growing out of them. WTF? The tomatoes don't have actual fruit on them, but definitely tomato plants.

Then there are the onions. Last year the onions were spectacular and big and easy. This year, I harvested all I could find in the raised bed and the volume of the bulbs is definitely LESS than the volume of sets I put in. Fewer in number and quite feeble in size. Most of the starts had disappeared entirely. Sigh. The few left in pots seem to be doing well. Onions at the farmers market are fabulous so clearly I suck.

Then there are the squash...I may get 4 winter squash of a variety I do not recognize from seeds from my vermicompost. I should at least recognize the variety because presumably I bought and ate it at some point. They are shaped like acorn or delicata, but all green with small white spots. Quite cute. But still...WTF?

The calendula continues to be eaten by what appear to be black ants.

And when does one harvest the potatoes? I keep sticking my hand down in one of the potato pots to try to see if there are tubers in there. I either found one potato or a rock. I didn't pull it up. I think when the tops die I should dig them up but any advice is welcomed.

The mint continues to look good as does the sage and the GREEN GREEN GREEN tomatoes which hesitate to turn red.

In other sad dehydrator died. There will be a wake this evening and an autopsy soon. In the spirit of "the dehydrator is dead, long live the dehydrator" I must get a new one. Obviously it's only the heating and fan bit that died, the trays and whatnot are fine. So I'm going to try to get the same model. It died with half dried tomatoes in it. I have given them the cryogenic treatment in the hopes that when a cure is found (or a recipe started) I can revive them for use.

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