Sunday, August 1, 2010

Attempted Garden Photo

Well, here it is:

The green bucket is not a plant, it is a bucket of water left to warm up and de-chlorinate for a day, per the recommendation of my guru, that square foot garden guy. Behind the green bucket is a BIG and late planted container of cucumber and what I hope is squash. Might be melon. To the side, is a small pot of flowers just for fun, you can see one leaf of the rhubarb plant in a bucket (wants to be in the ground but have to wait for wet weather do dig. Then a couple of tomatoes. If you look close, you can see one tomato near the lip of the brown container. This went into the jesus bruschetta.

Also in view, 3 containers of taters. More tomatoes (one ENORMOUS tomato plant near the clothes line gives you an idea of the height of that one) and the fact that the volunteer squash have taken over the newer portion of the raised bed. The shade from said giant squash seems to be helping the lettuce and carrots. In the far back end of the raised bed you can see sad calendula. As soon as it blossoms some stupid flying black ant looking thing eats the bloom. Same thing is happening to the marigolds which are SUPPOSED to be bug repellent.

In the way background is the neighbor's house. He's been a shop teacher...I don't think he brings his work home with him. If I had turned slightly more south you could see the lovely pond with plantings, seating and BBQ that they put in this year. They focus more on what they enjoy than things like the outside of the house looking nice. I like them.

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