Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mmmmm....MORE BLT

I'm pretty sure BLTs are the perfect food. Seriously. I got some lovely black rye from the bread guy at the farmers market and have bad a few BLTs with local pepper bacon (not back bacon this time, just regular streaky bacon), farmers market tomatoes, and I had to buy a bag of greens as my supply of greens is dwindling. Still have plenty of homemade mayonnaise to make the sandwiches with. The one major issue is the amount of bacon to cook up. I have a large George Foreman grill and 6 slices of bacon fit nicely. I mean to make less, but it seems wasteful to have empty hot space on the grill. So I think "I'll save some for the next meal" but so far that has yet to happen. It's too delicious and the smell is too good. Actually, I think the sandwich was almost entirely local! The mustard in the mayonnaise is not local, but is "artisan" and I don't know where they got the pepper on the bacon, but that is not a large portion of the actual meal. I followed it up with some chocolate cake. It might be the best meal I've had in a year (since last year when I had a BLT and chocolate cake).

They say only the first two bites of something really taste good...I don't buy it when it comes to bacon. It's all good.

And a quick shout out to Pam who sent me a hamburger phone like in "Juno" AND a custom made pendant with the words "I DON'T HAVE TO DO SHIT" stamped on it.

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