Sunday, August 8, 2010


I made a local BLT for supper. I found tomatoes at the farmer's market yesterday, but had already decided not to buy bread. I thought I might make "that which has no name" BUT then I remembered to stop at the local butcher in Moscow and got back bacon. And of course I have lettuce.
SO, today I stopped at the co-op and got bread (a "rustic loaf" which is delicious and lumpy shaped). THEN I found a recipe in a GIANT cookbook Jonny (Hi Jonny) gave me for mayonnaise. As usual, I didn't have all the right ingredients, but I was close. I didn't have the dijon mustard recommended so I used the stone ground brown mustard. No fresh lemon juice but I figured since I could have substituted vinegar, I could use bottled lemon juice just as well. A local egg went into it. The oil is from elsewhere sadly. The olive oil is from far away, the canola COULD be from here if only there was a local processor for all the local canola crop (also known as rape or rapeseed crop). BUT, the tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, wheat, and egg were local and that's most of the deal. It was delicious. I now have way more mayonnaise than I need. I wonder if that's something I can give away. I wonder if I could make a smaller amount with a quail egg. Or a single serving with a hummingbird egg.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

Thanks. Now all I want is bacon. Mmmmmmmmmmm bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon [like that obnoxious dog on the telly]. I had it in my head that you were a vegetarian. Maybe next you could raise your own free-range bacon makers (i.e., pigs).

Fly Right said...

Thank you for clearing up my age old question: what is a canola and where is it grown? I've not seen a rapeseed field or patch or whatever, but I've heard of it, and that's good enough for me!

Don't grow your own bacon. Unless you have a deep freeze or a huge appetite for pork. My uber green former vegetarian friend Joanna did that, but they have a deep freeze. And it was pretty full after they butchered him. He had a name and a face, but I don't remember either of them. s