Tuesday, September 7, 2010

North Idaho Depression Tours...Next Stop: The Mission

OK, it's been ages but I've been both busy and without much access to the interwebs. Tonight I'm at the Stardust Motel in Wallace, ID which has wifi...though due to the cinderblock walls, I appear to be mooching wifi from a private residence across the street rather than able to get on the motel's service.

I'm here because Jonny (Hi Jonny) is visiting and helping catalog the Cataldo Mission. It's the oldest building in Idaho (1850s) and completely unique in its construction. Also unique: the amount of bat crap we got on our boots when we spent a half day photographing the attic. EEEWWW!

The new blog photo is one Jonny took of me at the radio station. The other peace babes had lives and were not around on the day before labor day so it was just me. I just played music. Mostly classic blues but I did paint myself into a corner with a country segment ending with Dolly Parton's "Potential New Boyfriend".

AND we stopped on the way to the station Sunday to check out some land that should be mine. It's lovely. The house needs work but is livable and there is a well, 10 acres, trees, a creek, quonset building, another building, and possibly a fruit tree along with a large deer-fenced garden area. It MUST be mine...I will be harrassing the owners until they sell to me. Damn them.

AND we did the farmers market. AND we went to part of Paul Bunyan Days in St. Maries. This was all we expected and less. We went for the lawn mower races. Against tradition, these were NOT blindfolded but were for speed. Not nearly as interesting as when they are blindfolded.

Now, I must get back to work. Jonny has taken about 600 photos so far and my photo log is woefully behind.

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Anonymous said...

Cute photo Jill!

You look like Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati (do you ever get crazy and say "booger" on the air every now and again?) Hope you and Jon have a productive trip cataloging the Mission, and here's to keeping the bat-poo internal parasites to a minimum [toasting you both with a can of Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew) Angela