Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tater Harvest Begins

I got into 2 tater buckets. These were planted on April 25th with one tater each. The blue potatoes came up with 18 ounces of tater output. The reds are currently in the lead with 27 ounces. (I hope to be able to use "pounds" for at least one bucket). There are 4 buckets left.
Those still have live vines and I've got it on good authority that the taters are still growing if there are live plants above ground.

Here are a few tomatoes, ontions and one blue potato:

And here is the meal I made out of some blue potatoes, tomatoes, and 2 onions. Other than the seasonings it is entirely from my garden.

I'm actually ON the radio now so I have to post-n-go.


Anonymous said...

Don't eat the quarter! Don't eat the quarter! My niece swallowed a quarter when she was little (she was getting her diaper changed, and no one realized she had a quarter in her hand. She dropped it and it went ker-plunk, right in her mouth like a bank. A day (and a few messy diapers) later, let's just say that my brother and sister-in-law recouped their investment :-}

Fly Right said...

Yummy taters! I was saving one to plant, but LaJon threw it out. :-(