Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Quick Aside

I KNOW I'm not done with the travel photos. I'm stretching them out and I have dial up so it takes FOREVER to post unless I can steal wifi somewhere. And I by "steal" I mean "legitimately use public wifi connection".

ANYWAY. I'm a little sick of the bogus money saving tips in the media.
A recent article in a local independent newspaper called The Inlander has something like 200 places to eat in the Inland Northwest (this region). NONE of these places were AT HOME. That is the cheapest place to eat. I would have thought they would have at least mentioned that NOT EATING OUT is the best way to save money. But no. AND they gave recommendations of places were a meal was 10$ at the least with no drink, no dessert and barely a side dish. That was like a burger or a pasta with no salad, no fries. Cripes. Come to the rez where you get a burrito as big as your head for 5$. The recommended places were also sit-down type places. I think you'll find that stand up places, like taco-wagons and hot dog carts are cheaper.

AND EAT AT HOME. Try going to the store and buying INGREDIENTS and cooking them.

I just made a lovely quinoa and lentil stew that is not only delicious. It might last forever. It soaked up all the juice after I took the first servings out and put it back in the fridge. So I added more juice...which it soaked up. I took more out and added more juice. I'm afraid I'll be eating it until I die. It is pretty healthy though. I think it will freeze well. Let's hope. I think the whole pot which will easily last 10 meals cost about 5$ and was made entirely with organic ingredients. Now that is cheap eats.

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