Sunday, January 31, 2010

The 27th...Our Last Full Day In Paris

First, I made quick run back to the cemetery to visit an anthropologist.

Then we all had breakfast (ever more coffee, bread, butter, jam and a croissant) and then split up.

Pat headed to Pere La Chaise cemetery in search of Jim Morrison's grave. Chris and I headed to a garage sale which was awesome! It was all stuff from the 1950s and there were several venders in an empty "club" or crap dance hall.
I tried on the coolest glasses ever but then forgot to go back and buy them.

That's right...the left eye is completely covered with sequins. AND it's solid black plastic behind there. Essentially an eyepatch.

Chris and I next headed over to the Louvre which was PACKED (as it always is). We avoided the Mona Lisa and other "highlights" as we've (at least "I've") seen them before and there are many other wonderful things in that giant building. I did like the medieval Louvre which is in the basement of the newer Louvre (it HAS a basement...unlike the Alamo).

(go to the 2:20 mark to get the good stuff)

The basement:

We stopped at a restaurant Chris and I had tried for lunch the day before so Pat could try the cassoulet. Then, stopped in Notre Dame for a couple of minutes just to have a look see. The evening service was going on (projected on a screen...interesting).

And to the hotel not late so we could all make our trains the next day.


愛美 said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

I'm all dumb and junk, but why were 7 million people moved from traditional cemeteries down to the catacombs. They looked seriously creepy but fascinating. Also, is someone making inappropriate blog remarks like you-know-who did on my blog? Who is it? Sick the Angels on him/her - you now have one of us in just about every part of the country (except the northeast, I guess). Anyway, I continue to enjoy your adventures and you looked SLICK in those be-sparkle-y glasses. Are those the ones you forgot to get? Oh, would Jonny ever love a prop like that!

Jill said...

HI Ange!!
The folks were moved to the catacombs for a few reasons: The epidemics of things like typhoid and cholera were thought to possibly be linked to all the cemeteries that could be leaching things into the water table and the river (the Seine). ANd the cemeteries take up some serious land mass. That was also needed for the city to grow. In the cemeteries now, if you let a grave go untended for a certain number of years, you lose the spot. And people are often many to a hole...crypts, cremation etc allows that. None of this measurable fraction of an acre per person in perpetuity as we try for here.

As for the comments: No, it appears to be a spambot from somewhere in Asia that has hit my blog twice. No personal nastiness going on.

Fly Right said...

Oh! I think the spambot hit me too! I left her filthy comment on my blog so I'd seem more popular. It's probably best you forgot the glasses, Jill. I can just see you riding your trike into walls due to no depth perception and being distracted by your beautiful reflection.