Sunday, January 31, 2010

December 26, 2009 in Gay Paris

Sorry for the delay. I had a knife fight with a potato which caused some finger damage and I haven't been typing much for a week.


The day after christmas we head off to the catacombs. I had done some surgery on my foot that morning as I had a blister. Athletic tape is my friend.

Of course first we had a quick stop at a street market.

The catacombs were creepy AND cool so extra cool. No photos of skulls and bones but here are some carvings and a sign that were in there. There are something like 7million Parisians moved there from the 18th and 19th century cemeteries around town

Chris and I then headed out to a shop on the Ile de St. Louis to a shope where I go the bike lock. There were a few more cool things we wanted that we weren't seeing naywhere else. I think Pat went looking for the Bastille or something. I'm actually not sure whwat he was doing this day while we shopped. Probably none of my business.

Unfortunately, I REALLY needed a toilet and this interfered with Chris' shopping plans. Finally found one that was both open and CLEAN (something unspeakable was spotted in a cafe) in the Hotel Novotel. It took nearly an hour. Oh well, we still saw some sites and of course finished the day with a lovely dinner after meeting up with Pat. (Pictures will follow when I have better internet connection speed).

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