Wednesday, February 10, 2010

December 30 in Amsterdam

First, I forgot to mention the Anne Frank Museum we did on the 29th. Obviously an excellent, if depressing, visit.

On the 30th, we started with breakfast. I had Pannenkoeken. Note the awesome eyebags. I could pack those for the weekend.

Then we went to the Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam Branch. Very very cool. All about Russian history, obviously. We split up so we could go at our own paces. I took a break in a little cafe by the children's giftshop and had a coffee and a ham sandwich. THEN I saw the pie. Oh well. While looking out the window on to the canal and trying to console myself about not having eaten the pie, I totally saw a dog take a wizz. That was funny.

Here's my delicious lunch. The bread in Amsterdam was incredible. Also good in France, but more variety in Amsterdam.

We were walking around later and went into a photography museum that is in an old canal house (like what I was staying in the attic of). It was amazing as they were showing Edward Burtynsky. There was even a little room in the basement where you could get a coffee out of a machine and have a cookie with it while reading photography mags. So I did. It was excellent coffee.

Then I went out the back door, through the garden and into a tiny garden room thingy where a documentary "Manufactured Landscapes" about Mr. Burtynsky was showing. I watched a bit. Then back in to locate Chris and Pat.

I've since gotten the documentary and watched it and it is awesome.

This is the little garden thingy with the documentary in it. I took it from the 2nd floor of the canalhouse/photography museum.

After that, we stopped at C&P's room then off to dinner at Sampurna. WOW! We had rijstafel. That's "rice table" and is a buttload of little dishes of indonesian foods and a big pot of rice. It was most excellent.

Here is the Rijstafel BEFORE we sowed down.

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