Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Amsterdam pictures

This shot shows both a cool bike with a seat in the front for kids. You can get 2 medium size kids or a buttload of groceries and stuff in there. There is a little bench for the kids. Not all are this nicely painted.

This is how you move stuff in and out of the canal houses. They all have an arm, or beam, coming out over the center. This has a hook. Put a pulley on the hook, a rope through the pulley and you're set:

Here a guy is getting something going out an upper window

And here it is on the way down:

This is the side of one of the old canal houses. It has trusses to keep the walls from bowing out. This building had the most that I'd seen. You can also see doors that open right onto a canal rather than on the street. Presumably there are also streetward doors to the homes.

This is just a nice central area in the old town.

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