Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Can't Believe I Didn't Try This Before!

OK, we all know I don't do dairy.
So I've been buying almond milk because soy milk is crap. It tastes like beans. Almond milk is a bit thicker than rice milk. I don't drink it straight but use it in smoothies and for cooking and the occassional homebrewed latte or mocha.

SO, I kept reading that it was easy to make almond (or any nut) milk. But when I looked it up it sounded complicated. All this hot water, cold water, blending, grinding, steeping, seiving and filtering.

A week or two ago I was making muffins and didn't have any milk or fake milk or powdered soy milk. I did have a jar of almonds (unsalted, not roasted...just raw organic almonds). The recipes for nut milks generally said 1 part nuts to 3 parts water. I threw 1/4cup in of almonds in the blender with 3/4cup water and hit blend. I let it go for a minute or so until it looked like milk.

Since I usually put ground nuts or seeds in the muffins anyway, I went ahead and just poured the lot, chunkies and all, in the muffins. It worked fine. It was cheap not just because of the low cost, but I probably threw out 50% of the almond milk I bought since it comes in quarts and I only use a cup or two a week.

I can't believe I didn't try it before. I needed some yesterday for pumpkin muffins and made an extra half cup for coffee or a smoothie. It's in the fridge in a jar. Should be fine for a day or two.

In other news, it's now time to start planning the garden. Any suggestions for plants to try?

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