Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiny Garden has PLANTS!!!

I'm going to try to upload a couple of photos here. The wifi isn't very good so here's hoping. Here's a word picture while we wait to see if the photos will upload:
There are 16 squares, all planted now. I do have one pepper and one tomato to put in tomorrow. Then it will be totally totally full...for now.

The beans are partly up and looking good. The kale is off to a running start. Marigolds....no sign yet. I thought one had sprouted before but no sign of it this morning.

I had had some old window plastic over the whole thing, but the 3 tomatoes and 1 pepper I put in were getting too tall and I had to build structures. The plastic was off for a very hot windy day and things dried out a bit.

I stopped at Home Depot yesterday and got welded wire fencing to make tiny 1-foot-cubic shelters for the squares that will need them. It went well, but some came out 8inches tall and some a foot tall due to my excellent grasp of spacial relationships. Oh well. I made 4 short ones and 4 tall ones so I can do a whole row evenly of each. These are across the north and south ends of the garden and plastic is stretched across. The plastic is dying. I don't want to buy more but can't come up with a better solution for the short term. We'll see. The wind is destroying the thin plastic. It would be cool to have 1-foot-cubic glass huts, but I don't have those yet. I don't drink anything out of gallon plastic jugs or those could get me by for a while. Hmmm....ideas?

The photos uploaded.
Here is the basic garden:

Pam says it will be a catbox very soon. She is a cranky old woman. It's up against the clothesline on the north side so I don't have to build a trellis for the tomatoes and whatnot. I'll just run strings in a net pattern to support them. And I did pick up the bags and stuff, but apparently didn't take a photo after that.

Here it is mostly planted. Just waiting for another pepper and one more tomato. Note the anal retentive strings marking out one foot squares.

And finally, with the first plastic on it.

Note the frugal use of scrap lumber to hold reused window plastic in place. That's Romney in the background. A dog I was babysitting for a week. He's sweet. And kind of dumb. Anyway, the dirt is about 4inches below the edge of the garden box and the strings held it up high enough for the first week. Now the tomatoes and peppers and even a few onions are pressing on it so I had to make the cages to hold it higher. Eventually there will be mini-greenhouses for each square.

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Pamela said...

Ask the local diners if they have pickle jars (or whatever else comes in those big jars). I'm sure a lot of them end up in the trash, so you could probably just dumpster dive for them behind the casino.