Monday, June 15, 2009


That's the name of my bike. It was injured today, but it's fixed now for cheap so no harm no foul. It was nice that someone else did it so it didn't have to be me. Apparently the trike is indestructible except for ONE THING...don't shift it while stationary and then start peddling. Tears the derailleur clean off. And bends it. And puts a twist in the chain.

The fix it guy was not too upset. He took a derailleur off another bike and put it on. The chain needed shortened anyway so he took the twisted bit out.
The brakes now work properly. Just needed adjusting.
And, I had the boom shortened (that's what HE said...heh heh). I think it's too short now. Shortening it is a delicate operation. You sit in the bike and the fix it guy kicks it until it's right (that's what SHE said...heh heh).
But, now if I decide I want it lengthened again, he'll have to put more links in the chain. This is not a big deal.

He didn't charge me yet. He said it will be about 20$ but I'll pay when he gets the bar end shifters in. I don't like the twisty shifters. Just don't like them. Can't tell what I'm doing.

So, that was part of the day.

The rest was catching up at work. That is not nearly as fun as going to Loretta or putatively bad community theatre that turns out to be good but there are creepy fondlers in the audience.

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